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Before and after school care

The out of out of school hours care (OSHC) centre is open between the hours of 7:30am and 9:15am, and 3:15pm and 6pm during the school term. Children are generally signed out of OSHC at 8:45am so that they can participate in school playground play with the other children.


In middle childhood, children are undergoing significant developmental change and growth. Our philosophy is grounded upon this recognition of children's unique interests and capabilities. The centre aims to provide a fun, relaxing, caring and stimulating environment for all children, as well as to be a resource for families. 

Programs are structured and planned each day based on the recognition that children learn through play and through self-directed and monitored experiences which allow them to experiment, create and discover. We seek to develop a partnership with and co-operation between parents, centre and school staff; to build a relationship where trust and mutual understanding can develop between the home, the centre and the school. 

Our centres are unique in meeting the needs of children, parents, the school and the community at large by:

  • providing programs and experiences relevant to children's individual needs and interests in before, after and vacation care situations
  • developing partnerships with schools and communities to accommodate the needs of all involved
  • recognising and promoting the importance of a shared management structure which allows for parental involvement and contributions
  • employing effective systems for recruiting, managing and developing high quality teams of staff. 

Centre policies and procedures are comprehensive and are based on the quality improvement and accreditation system implemented by the National Childcare Accreditation Council. Full copies are available on request. 


The playground is supervised by school staff from 8:45am. The centre provides breakfast from 7:45am to 8:30am and afternoon tea at around 4pm. In addition, children are offered fresh fruit at 3:15am on arrival at the centre. Drinking water is available to children at all times. Vacation care is offered between 7am and 6pm each week day during the school holiday period and on pupil free days. The centre is closed on public holidays. 

Children are offered a range of activities which suit their individual learning and social needs. Homework and other clubs, such as yoga, cooking and gardening are offered to children to promote special interests.A stimulating and exciting vacation care program is offered during each school holiday period.

A variety of excursion and centre based theme days are offered to the children. The centre has been approved for funding for the active after schools communities program which offers children additional activities with trained sports coaches and professionals. 

Enrolment details

Enrolment at the centre is simple just complete and return the enrolment form and registration and booking sheet (available on request), or call 0430 366 917. Bookings can be made for permanent (regular) sessions or casually on or before the day that care is needed. 

Full enrolment information, including an information book and fees schedule, is available on request. Fees are subsidised by childcare benefit, by application to the family assistance office child care benefit information. To obtain your fee subsidy please contact the family assistance office on 13 61 50. 

You will need to quote our provider numbers which are:

  • before and after school care: 407 127 740X
  • vacation care: 407 127 746V.

The family assistance office will notify the centre directly of your entitlements. For further information contact 0430 366 917.